Service Dog Badge-Custom Service Dog ID

A Note About Using Service Dog IDs

It is illegal to represent a "pet" as a Service Dog if it has not been trained for that purpose.  Misuse of this card is illegal and punishable by law.

By creating and selling service dog id badges for service animals and persons with disabilities,, Div. of LinkSite, Inc., does not claim to have the medical and/or legal; authority or knowledge to give recommendations on the qualifications of service animals or their handler.  We do not guarantee that the use of our service dog id's will enforce compliance  with the ADA or any other federal, state and local law regarding the use of service animals.  If you have any question(s) concerning the legality of your service animal in relation to compliance with the ADA, or any other laws pertaining to service animals and the laws regarding access we recommend you contact experts in your area.

ID cards are printed on a 30 milligram thick PVC Plastic card.

On the front of the tag is the name of your animal, your name, city, state, & zip code.  If your dog has a Microchip Number, we will place that number on the card as well, along with your Registry number if available.  We can also punch a slot in the top of the card (just above the dog's name), to hang from your dog's collar (no charge for this service).

The back of the card (for SERVICE DOGS ONLY) has pertinent information about the ADA (American with Disabilities Act) and contact numbers as well as web sites for reference.

When ordering, just upload a picture of your dog, preferably a head picture.  We reserve the right to crop an image to fit card.

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Front of Card
Back of Service Dog Tag

Eleven Categories Now Available--Service Dog, Service Dog Training, Autism Service Dog, Therapy Dog, Emotional Support Animal, Working Dog, Hearing, Guide, Medical Alert Dog, Mobility Dog.

We can also customize virtually any tag for your type of Service Animal!

 And no charge for shipping or handling...
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ID Cards come with slots at No Extra Charge..just let us know when you order.

*Tags are made of tough, durable plastic

*Printing and picture are thermoset, can't scratch off

*Slots included at no extra charge

*No charge for shipping or handling on orders under $25.00

*Each ID Tag has your dog's picture and name

*Each ID Tag has your name and city, state

*Each ID can have your service dog registry number

*Each ID can have your service dog microchip number

*Service Dog ID Tag has information printed on the back pertaining to the Americans with Disabilities Act along with 800-number and web site for contact

*Service Dog ID tags are easy to carry around

*Service Dog ID can help reduce potential for problems in restaurants, public facilities, or travel

Some of our features...

  • High Quality Thick Plastic
  • Waterproof
  • Driver's License Quality
  • No Fading
  • No Lamination Necessary
  • FREE Shipping
  • Wallet Size


One card....$9.95
Two of same card...$14.95
Three of Same Card...$19.95

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